Feeding Dogs A Raw Diet Is Unrealistic

I’m a dog mom, so naturally I get a ton of ads on Facebook about dog-related topics and products. Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of ads and articles about people who feed their dogs raw food instead of the traditional kibble, either making it themselves or buying it from specialty companies. I was curious so I read up about the topic. It sounds nice, but it’s completely unrealistic for a lot of households (including mine).

The specialty brands of raw dog food cost a LOT of money for a very small supply, and my 60-lb Jack Russell mix Miles has quite the appetite. Between him and his 17-lb brother, they go through a shit ton of food. The other route, buying a ton of raw meat and veggies and making their food myself, is equally unrealistic because of the cost and the time involved. Some days it’s hard for me to find time to prepare food for my husband and myself, much less the dogs. Also, we can’t even afford that grade of food for ourselves on a regular basis.

I love my dogs and they’re like sons to me, but feeding them a raw diet is just out of the question. After we pay the bills and put money in our savings, my husband and I are typically left eating ramen or something equally cheap for dinner. If we wanted to feed our dogs human-grade food all the time, we would be the ones left eating kibble. No thanks.

Despite what people say about raw food being healthier for dogs than kibble, we trust our veterinarian implicitly and he’s the one who recommended the kind of dog food we use. A lot of people tout the health benefits of going vegan too, but you’ll never see us giving up our meat to follow a trend. I guess we’re just not a trend-following kind of family, and that’s ok. To that point, here’s my handsome husband gnawing on a steak bone caveman-style because it’s like a holiday when we can afford steak. There’s nothing to celebrate about eating a fucking salad.

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