Women With Guns: We’re Not All Models And Douchey Bros Need To Get Over It

Let me start out by saying that I’m an adamant supporter of the second amendment and a gun owner. Prior to my marriage last year, I lived alone for years and always wanted to make sure I’d be able to defend myself if I needed to. I don’t know any kung fu and I can’t physically overpower a large dude with bad intentions, so it just makes sense to have guns and know how to use them.

I follow a lot of pro-second amendment pages on social media and the stories they share are great, but I have one big problem with them. Because these pages are so bro-centric, the only time you see women on them is when they post those stupid glamour shots of ridiculously skinny models with huge fake tits wearing full makeup and holding weapons. Of course I support the model’s second amendment rights as well, but the fact that you never once see a regular-looking girl exercising her rights tells me that the admin-bros of these pages are disgusting misogynists. Sure, women can be a part of their world just as long as it’s ONLY women who are a size two with DDD’s and wear pounds of makeup. Way to represent us, dudes. 🙄

I’m bucking this trend right now because it’s bullshit. I’d bet that the majority of female gun owners are not models, but more likely country girls who eat real food and don’t bother to put on makeup before they go out shooting. They’re real women like me who just want to protect themselves, their families, and their freedom.

In honor of real women everywhere who love guns and aren’t models, I’ve dared to post the second amendment bros’ worst nightmare: a picture of me (a non-skinny girl, oh the horrors!) with our 12-gauge Mossberg and zero makeup. Let’s make this the new trend: women supporting freedom and respect within the second amendment community. We already know that our rights SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED (exact words). Now can we please recognize that men and women should be able to work together to defend our rights with dignity and respect? Is that too much to ask for?

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