My Top 5 Likes And Dislikes – by Miles

Hi again everyone! It’s Miles and I’m so excited to talk to you again! Mom said I’m a good boy so I can tell you more about myself. Today I’m going to tell you about things I like a lot and things I don’t like very much.

Top 5 things I like:

1. FOOD! My food, Crackers’ food, Mom’s food, I don’t care. I want everyone’s food and I’ll steal it if they aren’t paying attention. I especially love it when Mom cooks steak and gives me scraps. She’s lucky I’m not big enough to reach the tall counter because I’d eat all her steak.

2. Belly rubs! Sometimes I roll on my back and grin at Mom so she’ll rub my belly and tell me I’m a good boy. It’s even better when she pets my ears too. That feels so good!

3. Walks! I like my house, but I can’t wait for my next walk. There are other dogs and other people out there, and I always find the biggest sticks. Mom doesn’t let me bring my sticks in the house but sometimes I sneak one in anyway.

4. Playing with other dogs! Sometimes Crackers doesn’t want to play and I have to grab his legs to rile him up. I have fun playing with him, but I also have fun when Mom and Dad take me to the big place full of dogs and I get to play with all of them! They take me there in the car and sometimes they let me have sleepovers there with the other dogs. I love going there!

5. Waking Mom and Dad up in the middle of the night! Sure, I could wait until it’s light outside but where’s the fun in that?

Top 5 things I don’t like:

1. Baths! I run away when Mom and Dad try to put me in that big tub of water. If they do manage to give me a bath, I like to escape while I’m still wet and shake water all over the place to get my revenge.

2. Medicine! Sometimes Mom acts like she’s going to give me cheese but then she puts a gross pill inside it. Of course I eat it anyway because it’s cheese, but seriously Mom, that’s not cool.

3. Being quiet! Why should I have to be quiet when I feel like barking, or when I hear something dangerous like a car or thunder? Don’t they know that I’m (usually) just trying to save them?

4. When no one wants to play with me! Sometimes Mom, Dad and Crackers just want to sit around and relax but I want to play. I can usually get someone to throw a ball with me if I drop it in their lap.

5. When people eat food instead of giving it all to me! I thought I made it clear that all the food is mine. Miles doesn’t share food!

That’s all for now. I heard a cheese wrapper and I must go investigate. Thanks for hanging out with me!

Until next time…


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