A Day In The Life Of Crackers: My Adoption Day

Hi, I’m Crackers! My mom said I could tell you a story and I’m so excited! Wait, what do I smell? Is that another dog walking by?! Dog! Dog! I can’t seem to get through this door to go catch him.

Anyway, I decided today wasn’t exciting enough for this story. Miles already did that, and everyone knows I’m way cooler than he is. So grab a snack (please share, especially if it’s cheese) and settle in while I tell you the story of the day Mom brought me home.

Before I lived here with Mom, Dad and Miles, I lived in the big place with a lot more dogs (and cats too, ugh). The people there were nice but they weren’t my people and I had to share them. I don’t like sharing my toys. Some of my friends there told me stories of the dogs that left, and how they had homes and humans of their own now. That sounded scary but it also sounded fun. Mom came to the big place once before she took me home and I made sure to be extra cute so she would want to be my human. I didn’t think it worked because she left and didn’t take me with her, but then she showed up again! Was she there for me? Yes! I think she’s going to be my human!

I feel like the most special dog here today as my new human walks me out of the big place. I hear a few barks of celebration and approval from my old friends who are happy for me. I wonder where we’re going and if there are other humans there and other dogs (preferably no cats).

It’s a long ride to my new home and I’m so anxious. When we finally get there, we go inside and I get my first peek at home. It’s pretty big and I don’t see any other humans, but there’s another dog! He’s in a crate and he’s definitely bigger than me, but I think I can kick his butt anyway.

That’s when I finally met Miles. He’s bigger than me and he really likes to play, even when I don’t feel like it. He told me that day that he was glad to have someone to play with because the people don’t like to play as often as he does. Miles also said that all the food and toys are his because he was here first. I guess I’ll have to teach him how far that attitude will go with me.

Mom takes us both for a walk after that, and Miles jumps all over me. I’m not thrilled about that until I realize I’m free of the leash. Thanks Miles, bye! I take off running as fast as I can because I don’t like leashes. She’s following me but she’s too slow. My adventure comes to an end when I take a minute to decide which direction to run and Mom catches up. What a bummer. Come to think of it, Mom doesn’t take us both for walks at the same time anymore unless Dad is there too. I wonder if that has something to do with it.

Later that day, I met Dad and had dinner with my new family in my new home for the first time. Then Mom let me sit in her lap and cuddled me until I fell asleep. That was an awesome day. I hope all my friends back at the big place get homes and their own humans too. And I hope none of them have to live with cats.

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