There Is No Such Thing As An Automatic Sports Car

A lot of people think I’m crazy for a lot of different reasons, but today I’m focusing on one of my eccentricities that people understand the least. I am a hardcore manual transmission enthusiast and I haven’t owned an automatic vehicle in over 10 years. To me, the point-and-shoot driving that is operating an automatic vehicle is boring as fuck and the transmission almost never chooses the gear I’d prefer. Maybe I’m just very picky about my driving experience, but I prefer to personalize it by actually driving the fucking car. That’s why it bugs me when I see a badass looking car, peek in the window to see if it’s real, and discover that somebody wasted a ridiculous amount of money on a Challenger with a Hemi…and a fucking automatic transmission. 🙄 What the fuck?

I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again. There is no such thing as an automatic sports car. Did you hear me? There is no such thing as an automatic sports car. If it has less than three pedals, it is NOT a sports car and you wasted your money on a great big gas-guzzling fraud. I don’t care what kind of horsepower you’re working with or how many aftermarket performance enhancements you’ve wasted money on, you still don’t have a sports car if you’re not really driving it. A 12-year old can point and shoot an automatic (trust me, I was driving the old beater car around the farm when I was 12…and before that tractors and mowers) but a grown adult who has invested thousands in a performance vehicle should know how to drive a manual and have enough respect for driving in general to get a real sports car and rock it. I don’t have the funds for that at the moment, but even my Kia has three pedals because it’s just better that way (and a great anti-theft system, sadly).

If you want a badass car, that’s great, but have enough respect for badass cars in general to get one with three pedals. It’s not hard to drive and it gives you so much more control over your driving experience. If that’s too much effort for you, save your money and drive a Camry…or worse, a Prius. At least then you won’t be misrepresenting.

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