Dog Mom Life: I Have A Standing Lunch Date With My Dogs Every Day

It was a magical new world when I transitioned from commuting to an office every day to working from home as an independent contractor. The perks are obvious. I get to set my own hours, save a ton of money on gas, take vacation days whenever I want, and I haven’t dressed up in business clothes or worn a full face of makeup in months. It did take some adjusting to get used to working from home, however, because my small apartment contains two very spirited young pups who don’t quite understand what work is or why it matters.

When I first started working from home, my fur kids were really excited that I didn’t leave like they were used to. Miles always had terrible separation anxiety and Crackers was still fairly new to our home so he stuck close to me whenever possible. They learned quickly that my presence at home did not mean I had time to play with them and entertain them all day like weekends.

Once Miles and Crackers got used to me being home and working on weekdays, they started lying around more during the day and only getting up when something exciting (to them) is going on, such as the landscaping guys mowing the grass, a dog walking by the window, or the most exciting part of their day…when I eat lunch.

When I went to an office every day, I always took my lunch break alone because I’m an introvert and I needed that hour of alone time to recharge so I could survive the afternoon. Now I always have company when I go to my kitchen, heat something up, and take it back to my desk. Without fail, they run after me and take their places on either side, sad puppy dog eyes in full play. Miles is always on my left and Crackers always on my right, as if it’s a daily ceremony that must be repeated as so. I continue working as I eat but eventually the sad puppy eyes get me and I end up sharing a couple bites (after I’ve double checked that there’s nothing toxic to dogs in it of course). After all, they are my favorite two pups in the world.

I like my standing lunch date with my dogs. After the food is gone, I give them pets and cuddles before I return to my work and they grin at me. I feel so loved by them. Also, I wonder how many calories they save me from eating every week. It’s a wonder no one has patented the “share your food with your dog” diet as a weight loss tool.

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