A Day In The Life Of Miles The Pup

Hi! My name is Miles, but my mom calls me other things sometimes, like “Stop that” or “Leave it!” I don’t know what a blog is because I’m just a puppy, but Mom said I could tell you all about my day and I’m so excited because I just love people!

The sun is coming up, so it’s time for Dad to take me outside. He’s still in bed, so I better whine louder. Oh, good. He’s finally getting up! Outside! Outside! Let’s go! Let’s go now!

That was the best walk ever! I’m so happy! After my walk, he always gives me food…where’s my food? Food? FOOD! Oh great, there it is! Yay! This is the best day ever! Hey, where’s Mom? The bedroom door is open; I better go make sure she’s still here. Whew, there she is! I nudge her until she wakes up enough to pet me, then I go back to my chair for a nap.

Mom has been sitting at her desk for a long time looking at her glowing screen and calling people. I don’t know why she would rather do that boring stuff than play with me all day. Maybe if I go sniff her and bring her a toy, she’ll pay attention to me. I think it’s working!! She looked away from her screen long enough to cuddle and pet me! And there she goes, looking at the screen again. I’m bored. I think I’ll lay by the door and wait for Dad to get home.

Oh wait, was that the patio door? Crackers should know he’s not allowed to go outside without me; I better investigate. Sure enough, he’s trying to sneak away without me. I follow him just to enforce my authority, but then I want to come back in right away because it’s too hot. I’m going back to the door to wait for Dad.

Hours must have passed by now. Mom’s still looking at her screen and Dad hasn’t come home yet. Crackers and I are getting nervous that maybe he ran away forever. Wait, what was that?! Is that the door? It’s DAD!! I run up to greet him, thankful he came home. I know what’s next. As soon as Dad gets home, we always go for a walk, all of us together. Is it walk time?!?! Please?!?!

It seems to take a year for the people to get ready for a walk. I’m excited and I can’t control it, so of course I chase Crackers around until they’re ready to leave. Finally, OUTSIDE!!!

After our walk, Mom and Dad like to watch their big screen. Sometimes it looks interesting, but then – OMG! A car just pulled in!! We must be on our guard. We both alert the people of the impending danger, but they don’t seem to care and just yell at us to be quiet. Don’t they know we’re here to warn them about all the danger? OMG another car! CAR! CAR!

Mom’s going to the room where they keep all their food now, so it must be almost dinner time. She put up the gate so we can’t get in, so I guess we will have to sit here and stare at her until she drops a piece of cheese. The staring isn’t working; time to turn on the charm. I give her the sad eyes until she gives us each a bite.

I have to go now because the people are about to eat and I have to stare at them until they share with me. Wait, what was that? CAR! Car! Car! We must alert them of the danger (and steal their food)!

Until next time,


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